The Law of One

the consciousness of cells

To understand self-healing we have to be open to the fact that all matter, at a sub-atomic level, is made up of the same energy. We also have to accept that our levels of consciousness can determine the state in which our bodies can operate. Each thought has an intention, this intention sends a wave of energy out into our subtle bodies, it is then imprinted into the sub conscious mind and becomes manifested into being.

We send positive or negative messages to our physical body on a daily basis, depending on our level of intention and conflicting unconscious resistance. If the mind is conflicted, the body will respond.

The physical body is a reflection of the inner experience and whether we are conscious of them or not, we all have dominant thought patterns. Observe how when a person says “I am always sick”, they are sending that belief and that intention to their sub conscious mind, who in turn responds by giving what the conscious mind desires.

Mind does have an effect on matter and with growing awareness in the fields of quantum physics, it can no longer be denied. Everything is based on the story that we tell ourselves and the thoughts we choose to have. Our interpretation of the world creates our world. It is not helpful or beneficial to live in ‘victim mentality’ mode, instead we can transmute the negativity into an understanding of why we would energetically allow ourselves to resonate with sickness.

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